Welcome to the Rotary Club of Ferney-Voltaire Internatiional!

The Rotary Club of Ferney-Voltaire International brings together men and women of all ages, nationalities and professional backgrounds. Our members are company directors, representatives of the professions or the public sector, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, members of international organizations and even retirees! The aim of Rotary is to serve others without expecting anything in return, without calculation. This state of mind motivates all club members, who volunteer their time to help those in need, locally, nationally and internationally. Our motivation is to define needs, set up projects and carry them out effectively; we devote most of our time to this, far more than to esoteric discussions, administrative formalities and protocol....

Here are some of the concrete achievements made in recent years.

At the local level:

  • Fight against digital poverty in favor of the association Atout Tattes. Donation of 2'000€ for the purchase of computer equipment.
  • Donation to the Accueil Gessien, for the purchase of furniture for their shelter. The sum of 6'000€ was collected through various sales actions: chocolate, oranges from Portugal and olive oil from Greece.
  • Collection of food for the Food Bank and the Resto du Coeur.
  • Help to the Resto du Coeur for an amount of 4000 euros including 3000 for the purchase of a refrigerated cabinet.

At the international level:

  • Participation in the international program (Global Grant (GG)) "Let's save our premature children or/and with a malformation" with the club of Tunis El Menzah up to 2'500$. Strong commitment of the club of Ferney to obtain the support of the District 1710, as well as other clubs and districts of the area of the big Geneva.
  • Our project Children of the Moon which wants to cover the needs of all Tunisian children suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a disease that prevents them from being exposed to the sun. A GG is submitted to the Foundation for acceptance. Our club has budgeted 5'300€. Calls for donations from our friendly clubs in District 1710, from District 1710 itself but also from various clubs outside the district (more than 20 clubs in total) and from districts 1720, 1780 and 9010. The total amount available for the project is $72,300
  • Club (€1500) and District participation in the project Support for visually impaired female students of RC Addis Ababa Entoto, Ethiopia, whose elected President is a former member of RC Ferney Voltaire. This project is the first phase of a GG in preparation. Our club has contributed 1500€.
  • Contribution of 250€ for a GG project (Support to mothers of abnormal children) promoted by RC Sofia.

If, like us, you want to contribute to those in need while becoming part of a friendly network and making new friends, see how you can get involved in Rotary by clicking here


The club at the 23-24 handover with the PolioPlus Circle Club Member diploma

Club members at the handover to the new President, in front of our Château de Voltaire.